How to use Proper

Build your manifest

Use the builder to generate your own Proper script, complete with requested dependencies.

  • 1. Select an origin
    Choose between NPM, Homebrew, Cask (via Homebrew), Mac App Store, and Composer.
  • 2. Search
    Find the dependency you'd like to install.
  • 3. Add to queue
    Add the dependency to the queue for download.
  • 4. Download
    When you have added all the dependencies you'd like, download the script to run locally.

Run Proper

Navigate to directory where you have downloaded your Proper script:


cd ~/<location-of-directory>/proper

If you take a peek inside the /manifest directory, you should see a list files that correspond to the list of available origins (npm, brew, cask, mas, composer).

To install all items in manifest, call the entry script directly:


sh proper

Known Issues

There are a list of known issues, however if you uncover any issues not mentioned there, please file an issue.

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